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Berrak Machine | Chemical Food Agriculture and Industry Manifacturing Company
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Integrated Roll Bale Bale Making and Packing Machine

Product Code : EMS900S

EMS 900 S Roller Bale and Bale Packaging Machine pulled by a tractor , gets its movement from the power take -off is a machine developed with today's technology which collects all fresh and dry herbs, barley, oat, vetch, clover etc. cylindrically bales them and can bag them in the field .
Roller Bale and Bale Packaging Machine provides plants used as feed to be wrapped and bagged after dried . When bagged fresh , because the bagged feed is silage in a 5% oxygenated atmosphere it gets into fermentation with the milk acid in it and this can increase the nutrition rate to about 300% . The climate effect on silage is far more lower than other applications .
Some feed that aren't much preferred or aren't so good for animals can be dried and after the silage process can be given to animals. Another fact is that it provides the silage material to leave the field faster. If silage feed is stored properly it can be kept for 2-3 years. And this eliminates the expenditure of getting animal feed from abroad. It reduces the time in silage . EMS 900 S is a two in one machine so it saves expenditure .