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Berrak Machine | Chemical Food Agriculture and Industry Manifacturing Company
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Bale Machine

Product Code : EMS3

EMS 003 Bale Machine collects the stalk left in the field by the harvester thresher and steers it through the chopper and makes straw.
It's a portable machine developed with today's technology which packs straw into any kilo and size. This machine can also make clover bale.
Our machine provides high performance , high quality , widespread service opportunities and qualified employees to our farmers .
It makes bale with wheat , barley , oak , rye , vetch , sainfoin seed and clover after harvest . The machine gets its power from the tractor power take-off via shaft .It works fast and quietly and can be adjusted up and down with the help of the hydraulic system on the pickup so the user can easily move it according to the field and get maximum product.
The tractor has been designed to use minimum power . EMS 003 Bale Machine was designed after detailed research by experienced staff with powerful materials .